24 Hour Charity Run

My name is Michael Pereiro. I am an ultra marathon runner, OCR athlete, and EMT. An ultra marathon is anything over 30 miles long with extreme changes in elevation and terrain. Some of the most extreme events are known to last days and expand hundreds of miles.
This year we will be creating the Frozen 24. This will be a 24 hour ultra marathon through the trails of Shelton consisting of a 2.98 mile loop that will start and end at Echo Hose ambulance. The goal of this event is to raise money for Echo Hose Ambulance which will be used to purchase new equipment for their new Paramedic Program. In addition this year, I will split the donations which will help local injured EMTJosh Henriquez.
Josh Henriquez is a member of  Ansonia and Seymour EMS. He was hit by a car that ran a stop sign while training for a marathon. Josh has been left with multiple facial fractures as well as a broken arm and leg. He has been out of work since September 30th and we are looking to help cover his bills since he will not be back at work for some time.
All donations will be split evenly between Echo Hose Ambulance and Josh.
The run will start at 8 P.M. on December 3rd and end at 8pm. On December 4th. Each lap will be 2.98 miles long through the Shelton recreational trails for 24 hours. If anyone would like to come by Echo Hose to come support the run we are located at 100 Meadow Street in Shelton.
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